About Deborah Shuck

Understanding from an early age, that she was meant be an advocate, Deb developed community support for a trip to Washington DC. Her mission was to have a central clearinghouse for those seeking help to be directed to specific organizations. She tirelessly pursued those in our country knocking on one Congressional door at a time seeking help.

A generous Congressman arranged a meeting with the Chairwoman of the National Council on the Handicapped. She transitioned her Deb Shuck | Professional Speakeradvocacy to the Native Alaskan and Native American issues as well as on the Americans with Disabilities Act. Deb later settled in London UK where she was introduced to the Royal Association for Disability and Rehabilitation (RADAR) by a member of Parliament. As in Washington DC, Deb continued to advocate for the betterment of her community.

Some of the highlights were the publishing of a twenty page newsletter to raise awareness of RADAR and developing the Scuba Trust. The goal of the Scuba Trust was to teach scuba diving to people with disabilities. An avid skier, Deb achieved the goal of skiing for the British Disabled Ski Team representing the UK in international competitions as well as the Winter Park (CO) Disabled Ski Team skiing throughout the US.

Upon returning to the US, Deb took her extensive knowledge and purchased a Structural Steel Fabrication company focusing on commercial buildings. While owning this company she realized a need for an organization focusing on women in business. Deb created and became the founder and president of Women Owners of Florida, Inc. (WOoF),  a 501 (c)(3) giving back to the community.