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The good doctor is the doctor who treats the disease.
The great doctor is the doctor who treats the patient who has the disease.

-William Osler
Co-Founder, Johns Hopkins Hospital

Empathy is defined as the ability to understand emotions.

Empathy in medicine changes perspectives on futures and lives. One medical professional can either give hope or provide a lifetime of depression and angst. This can be changed by exposure to another person’s experiences and feelings or showing “Empathy.”

Deb Shuck | Professional SpeakerRemembering quite vividly the day she was told she would be blind within seven years. Deb remembers the day told she would not live to be a grandmother. Both statements have remained false for over 42 years. However, when told that she had no hope of a productive life, Deb tried to stop taking her insulin in hope of dying. ONE statement could have caused her death. It certainly changed her ideas as to what the future might hold.

Empathy is not emphasized enough in the medical profession today. Empathy matters! It can mean the difference in compliance and non-compliance, patient satisfaction and feeling as though you weren’t heard. Empathy is beneficial for doctors as well and can help prevent physician burnout.

It is possible to re-train the mind by teaching listening skills, being more self-aware as well as being able to see that we all share many of the same feelings.

Working with medical professionals Deb teaches listening skills encouraging interview questions that lean more toward empathy and understanding.

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